February 1, 2016

The rescheduled Samajam Keralolsavam will take place at Kerala Social Centre Abudhabi on 4th and 5th February2016(Thursday and Friday).The versatile cultural programs along with vast variety of food stalls will run from 6pm til midnight on both these days.

While we regret that the original scheduled event on 14th and 15th January 2015 had to be suspended due to unavoidable circumstances, we would like to assure that we have made all arrangements to conduct the event in a large scale mannar withe more participation from the public

We here by request you to attende with your family and friends on both these days at Kerala Social Centre premise in AbuDhabi.The inaugural ceremony is scheduled at 8pm on Thursday,the 4th February 2016 and the closing ceremony will be at 9pm on Friday,the 5th February 2016. The Keralolsavam bumper prize of a Mitsubishi Car along with 49 other valuable prize will given by entry coupon raffle draw. Entry coupon will remain the same.